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About Me


I am Oluseye Igbafe. Welcome to my Blog!

Musings of a 360° lady is where I share the musings of my overactive mind with a dash of wit and humor; my place to churn out my views on Issues of Faith, Love, Life, Relationship and Parenting. 

I am an aspiring writer who loves to explore topical issues from unconventional points of view. 

I also tend to over-analyze issues so rather than talk my friends to death, I decided it’s better to pen down my thoughts and share them with you. 

My aim is to inspire, teach, motivate, amuse and encourage my readers

Why 360°? Well, it represents the multi dimension of my personality and views as a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Pastor's Wife, Working Woman, Friend, Professional, Boss and Subordinate.

Aside being a blogger, I am a Christian, a wife and a mother of two. I have a day job as a HR/ Learning and Development Specialist.
Thank you for stopping by, enjoy my musings and remember to drop your comments.


  1. Glad to have found your blog. Where do you live, if I may ask. Maybe it is somewhere in your blog, but I did not find it today. New to it and all.
    Christ was a radical feminist, chosing women to be first witnesses to the most important event in human history.
    As the mother of 3 grown sons and 1 grown daughter I can tell you men have the edge, but only because the first judges in our lives is our mothers and we women misjudge our daughters because we misjudge ourselves. Or we might put our darling daughters on a pedestal that is unreal.
    Most likely we are surprised as mothers when we get old and see how brilliant and capable our daughters are! My point is, we should not be surprised. Why are we?

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope you enjoyed my posts.I currently live in Nigeria.

      You are very right, Jesus Christ never discriminated against women, I actually feel a post rising up in me about this. lol.

      I totally agree with you that we women sometimes unknowingly place a limitation on ourselves, other women and even our daughters. But there is no better time than now to stop this and create equal opportunities for the girl child especially in Africa.

      Thanks for stopping by and please do so often.
      All the Best.

    2. Hi,
      I bumped into your blog while going through Facebook. The plan was to read just that article. That was an hour ago.
      I just want to say that I celebrate you and your writing; the fact that you know who you are (especially as a Christian) and aren't ashamed of it, and the fact that you talk about the seemingly insignificant things that people have forgotten or have taken for granted but are actually slowly but steadily destroying lives and sometimes the moral fabric of the society.
      I also want to add here that if perchance you feel like you aren't making any impact and therefore want to stop writing for any reason at all, please understand that it is a lie from the pit of hell! Because someone is going to bump into your blog again. And they'll plan to read just one article. And then an hour will go by.

  2. Hi,

    Am glad to know you enjoyed reading my posts. Thanks Oluwakorede Awosika for stopping by and for your encouraging comment. I really appreciate it.

    Please stop by often.
    Thanks again

  3. Good morning ma. How is your lovely family? Hope great? Please check our link @ would love to have you as one of our resource person in the program. This is my contact 08062708471

  4. It's urgent ma, because the program is coming up on Saturday 4th of June,2016. Thanks a million as we anticipate your positive feedback soonest.

  5. I am really enjoying this blog my dear sister. Very well done. PPLK

    1. Thank you ma. I am glad you enjoyed the articles.

      Lots of Love


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