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The Future was Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

by Oluseye Igbafe

Growing up, I was very future conscious. I was very conscious that my actions may determine and affect my future. I took my studies and exams quite seriously and was quick to defer playing and enjoyment.  The future is there to play and enjoy. 
Of course, once you start working and having children, school fees, college fees, mortgage and stuff become all you plan for, and on and on it just goes.... 
This mindset has greatly helped me, no doubt about this. Major life changes like changing location or career wasn't as daunting as it would have been if I hadn't had this mindset, but when exactly is the future; this future we suspend most of our fun and joys for? When is the future you will finally relax and enjoy your life? 
"Well, the future was yesterday, the future is today and the future is tomorrow."  
When you get to tomorrow, will you look back and see it's been a great journey?  The future is now! I'm not saying forget tomorrow but recognize…

Exaggeration, Name Dropping & Other Syndromes

by Oluseye Igabfe

Recently I remembered my conversation with an acquaintance and below are some  typical snippets

Snippet 1: Me: I love your scarf. Her: Thanks oh, I bought it on my trip to Paris. It was about €40. Me: Wow! That's nice. What I probably should have said: Who asked you? Just say thank you. #SMH

Snippet 2: Me: That house is lovely. Her: It's ok, my husband is buying something like this in Lekki for N40m, it's on 2 hectares. Me: Thank God for you. What I actually should have said: Really? Yet you borrow N500 from me regularly and don’t pay back?

Snippet 3: Me: I need to renew my license oh, these Police people almost caught me last week. Her: The last time the police stopped me, I called the Governor’s aide cos I didn't want to call him directly, the policemen started begging me. Me: Hmmm, I prefer to just do my license in peace What I probably should have said: Keep quiet sis, you & I know you don't know the Governor or his aide.

Sadly, these are actual conversati…