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Dear Mother-in-Law

by Oluseye Igbafe

It seems just like yesterday you brought him from the hospital, your sweet baby boy. As a young boy, he never left your side, he clung to your every word, always came to you for advice and without a doubt you were the apple of his eyes. When your husband had little time for you, he was the love of your life, his jokes made you laugh no matter how down you were. That you love your son cannot be disputed and his love for you was never in question until...

Until now, your boy seems hoodwinked by another woman, its like you are no longer the center of his life. You don’t even know what is happening with him, his calls have really decreased all because of HER! She reminds you of that trash that stole your husband’s heart, now her clone has come to steal your son’s heart. But you will have none of that, you will not be pushed aside a second time, he’s your boy and that is what he will always be first. If she resists you will... Hmmmm!
Dear Mama, please note the following thing…