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Tall, Dark & Handsome!

by Oluseye Igbafe

 Tall Dark and Handsome!
Anyone who grew up reading romance novels, especially Mills and Boon or Harlequin Romance, will immediately recognize the trio of tall, dark and handsome, the trio that daydreams were made of. Every hero in those novels were men of steel, all were tall dark and devastatingly handsome. They simply took the breath of all the ladies away.

We all grew up desiring a tall, dark and handsome guy, it was on every young lady’s list of specification of the kind of guy she wanted. I mean, we walked around hoping a Denzel Washington or Idris Elba lookalike will come and sweep us off our feet. I mean those brothers are really fine!!! Well, it’s okay to still feel like that if you are like say 16? You don’t have to face reality at that age, you can just dream away...Yet many ladies never seem to grow up.

So what is wrong with wanting tall, dark and handsome? Nothing! That is, if it’s just a wish and not a real specification. Seriously, Tall dark& handsome is not something that should be high on your spec list for a spouse. A lot of young ladies have turned down many great guys with good potentials for not being TD&H(Tall, Dark & Handsome). Some ladies have even conditioned their minds not to respond to a guy who doesn’t fit the bill. So a guy who is not TD&H doesn’t even stand a chance with them. How sad! How shallow!

Let me ask you this, what percentage of decent guys are tall, dark and handsome? Not so many! So rather than go for the stable not so tall or not so handsome guys with good qualities, you join the long queue of ladies vying for the shallow, unserious tall, dark and handsome Casanova. Even after many heartbreaks, you still have tall, dark and handsome as a priority on your list. Isn’t it time to wisen up?

Let the most important qualities be top on your list. Let qualities like spiritual, consistent, hardworking, truthful, faithful, kind, thoughtful, generous and humble have the most significant value to you. Let tall, dark and handsome be like the sprinkles on your ice-cream, a nice addition but not the substance. 

Life is not a novel.


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