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Why Getting Married Won't Make You Happy!

by Oluseye Igbafe

“I will be happy once I get married” “The only reason I don’t feel fulfilled is because I am single” “If only I am married, I will be the happiest woman in the world”
A lot of ladies have tied up their happiness to getting married; they believe that being married is synonymous with happiness. They have unknowingly postponed their happiness till whenever they get married. Well, the truth is, getting a husband won’t make you happy. Yes! You read that right. Getting married won’t make you happy! Just take a look through many Facebook women groups and you will see that while a lot of people are happily married, a lot are equally miserable in their marriage.
A lot of married women can attest to the fact that “Marriage in itself cannot be the source of your all-round happiness" Don’t get me wrong, being in a good relationship or marriage can bring you happiness but it’s not the main source of your happiness. If you can’t be happy before getting married, then soon after mar…