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Allow Your Children Pursue Their Dreams!

by Oluseye Igbafe

I met a young medical student a while ago. In the course our conversation, I asked her what area of medicine she wanted to specialize in, she replied that she wasn't going to specialize but would go learn tailoring and open her own fashion house.
I was stunned, tailoring? "If you are interested in fashion designing, why spend 7years in medical school?" I asked. "Its because my parents insisted I do", she replied, "so let me satisfy them and then I will satisfy myself".

In a way, she reminds me of myself. As a child, I was both talkative and inquisitive. I talked nine to a dozen and could ask questions for Africa; everyone said I should become a lawyer. I grew up wanting to be a lawyer, an American lawyer that is. I saw myself in smart skirt suits giving jaw dropping closing arguments. I watched legal films and read John Grisham novels and all fueled my passion. Yet somehow, being good in sciences, I was ushered to a science class. By th…