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9 Steps to Ending Emotional Abuse

by Oluseye Igbafe

Emotional abuse can be quite difficult to recognize by abused persons; and even by family and friends. This is because it doesn’t leave any physical scar and is often done behind closed doors. It is difficult to recognize because the abuse often starts as a normal relationship conflict.

Worse still, emotional abuse can sometimes reinforce the negative perceptions and emotions that victims already have of themselves, thereby, making it seem as though the abuse or criticism is not only true but deserved. This is more true for those with  pre-existing self-esteem issues.

The first step to stopping emotional abuse is recognizing it; recognizing abuse is a huge part of stopping itself. When you are able to tell yourself, "s/he's wrong" or "this isn't right", you are half the way to saying, "stop this behavior".

To spot abuse please read my article to see the warning signs here

9 Steps to Stopping the Abuse 

Once you have spotted emotional …

10 Warning Signs Of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

by Oluseye Igbafe

Recently, there has been an increase in the projection of the fight against domestic violence especially in the light of the woman allegedly murdered by her husband. The social media has become a great tool in creating awareness about the ills of domestic violence as well as creating an avenue of outcry for the victims.
There is however is a less popular yet very deadly form of abuse that many are daily subjected to. Some even have no idea that they are being abused. This form of abuse is called Emotional Abuse. While the Physical abuse batters and damages the body, Emotional abuse destroys the spirit and the soul. Ultimately both can lead to death.
So what is Emotional Abuse? Emotional abuse also called Mental or Psychological abuse involves a regular pattern of verbal offense, threats, bullying, constant criticism and intimidation. It often precedes physical abuse.
All forms of abuse take their toll on the self esteem of the abused but Emotional abuse or Physiological …