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31 Romantic Things to do for your Wife

by Oluseye Igbafe

Do you want your wife to feel special or loved? Then you cannot afford to express your love for her only at Valentine, her birthday and Christmas. Love should be expressed at all times, not just by words but also by the things we do. 

Keeping the spark in your marriage and being a great husband is not a difficult task, as a matter of fact, it’s very simple.

Here are 31 Romantic Things you can do to keep her falling in love with you again and again….
1.         Kiss her often. 

2.       Hold her hand in Public, hold her waist in public too if she doesn’t mind 

3.       Send a text message during the day – something like any of the following:

  •      Just thinking of U.
  •      Can’t wait 2 C U tonight.
  •      Love you girl!
  •     Thinking about you… totally distracting me.  
  •     Miss you.  Like right now. 
  •     Can’t wait to give you a big kiss when I get home.
  •     How is your day going? Doing okay?
4.         Compliment her before she leaves the house often
5.       Take her Picture with your phone often and make it your Screen saver.
6.       Never go through a door first, or leave her behind you when you go somewhere.
7.      Pull her hair back from the nape of her neck and kiss her there while she stands at the kitchen sink.
8.       Snuggle up to her on the Couch
9.       Smile and Wink at her from across the room when you’re out at a group function
10.   Rub her feet when she is tired
11.   Take her out for dinner at least once a month
12.   Take her to the movies without the kids and without being asked.
13.   Kiss her on the neck while hugging her.
14.   Hug her from behind while she is at the sink or in the kitchen.
15.   Make every birthday a memorable one for her.
16.   Go on vacation or at least a weekend getaway with her alone
17.   Write her a love letter once a month
18.   Switch of the lights and dance with her to old love songs
19.   Invite her to sit on your lap or put her head on your lap.
20.   When you go shopping with her, pick something she didn’t ask for and put it in the basket (pay for it o!)
21.   Help her with house chores, so both of you can relax  or watch TV together
22.   Defend her when someone says something unkind about her, no matter who it is.
23.   Chill a bottle of wine and toast to her and your future together
24.   Sing to her and with her.
25.   Join her unexpectedly in the shower.
26.   Buy her a surprise gift online and get it delivered to her office/the house.
27.   Kiss her on the forehead
28.   Give her a new pet name that has a secret meaning
29.   Work with the kids to reward her with breakfast in bed.
30.   Cuddle up in bed before sleeping
31.   Appreciate her often.

All these can do wonders for your marriage no matter where your marriage is at. The best day to start is today. Put a smile on her face and win her heart again and again.


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