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10 Things All Men Need to tell their Wives Often

by Oluseye Igbafe

Women are emotional creatures. They respond to people and situations mostly based on their emotions. They love to be loved and cherished and even better, they love or rather need to be reassured that they are loved and cherished. 

If men would put in as much effort wooing their wives as they did during the chase, they would get amazing responses from their wives. 

Here are 10 short endearing statements that every woman loves to hear and is guaranteed to sweeten her heart always. 

1. I Love You: Don't just reserve this for the end of calls, after a great meal or during sex. Say it for no reason, when she's not expecting it. Text her to let her know you love her. Even better, call her just to tell her that.  

2. You are beautiful. Don't refrain from telling her because you believe she already knows. Reassure her! Hearing it from you makes all the difference! Tell her often even in public places. Pay her compliments often. Do not let others meet that emotional need for her.

 3. You are Sexy. This affirms that you are still sexually attracted to her. Not only will this increase her attraction to you, it will also get her juices flowing.

 4. I’m Glad You Married Me. Let her know you have no regrets about marrying her and you are glad she is your wife.

 5. You are a Great Mum. Most women second guess themselves wondering if they are doing a good job with the children. Affirming that she is a good mother is a great validation for her and will motivate her to do better.

 6. I am here for you. It's important to reassure your wife that she is never alone and you will always be there to support her no matter how busy you get.

7. I believe in you. Part of the role of a man is to motivate & encourage your woman. Telling her she is capable will greatly inspire her and improve her self-esteem.

8. I am Proud of You. Tell her this, not only when she achieves something but also let her know that you are proud of her as a person.  

9. I'm listening to you. Sometimes a woman needs to talk, vent and express herself; as she does, she feels relieved. Instead of rushing to offer advice or scold, just listen. Letting her know you are listening will comfort her. 

10. I bought these for you. Of course, these words should be said often! Buy gifts for her often, not just on special occasions. Big gifts are nice but even the little things like Popcorn, Suya or even a good lipstick count.

Providing for her materially isn't enough, satisfying her emotional needs is just as important. So make these statements often and mean them.

 The only thing worse than not saying them at all is saying them without meaning them.So say them often and mean them! 

Do you agree with the list? What’s your experience? Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


  1. And what are the 10 things she should say to him?

    1. That's a very good question, thanks for asking. That post is coming up soon.


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