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How Sharing a Bed May Kill You!

Molly groaned, “It can’t be morning yet!”  Her body screamed; she needed just one more hour of sleep. Half asleep, she pressed her phone to check the time. The blazing screen light hit her eyes and she squinted; it was 3:00 am. The sound of the door slamming was followed by the closing of the drawer. “Tony! What are you searching for at 3:00 am?” she asked her husband “Did I disturb you? I am..." Tony responded

Molly barely heard him, her mind was filled with rage and she thought of all the things she could say to him. Biting back the bitter words that tried to escape her lips, she dragged her cover cloth and pillow and went to the guest room. As she sank into the bed, she realized she needed to move out of her matrimonial bed and fast. 

She remembered the doctor’s report in her bag. Her low energy levels and poor immune system was due to lack of sleep. She had been susceptible to so many things that the first Doctor had sent her to take a HIV test. Thank God for experienced doctors! …

Beef The Other Woman?!

I read a sob story online a few days ago. Well it’s actually a story that has been going round the internet for years but in different variations (with changing names and forms of course). It’s the story of how a married man was dating a single girl and lavishing money on her... bla bla bla and the wife prayed against the girl for 21 days or so and the girl was in an accident and lost all or went mad or died – or whatever variation of ending you will like to slot in here. And boy, do a lot of women love these stories! They click “Like” and "Share" on their Facebook wall immediately. Holy Ghost Fire!
Let me state categorically that adultery is wrong; it’s a sin, a betrayal of trust and no man or woman should be involved in it. So I am not about to defend husband snatching, no! Yet, I am writing to the many women stripping themselves naked at the stroke of midnight, raining curses on the other girl whom they say “snatched their husband” (Snatched? Is he a toy? 'cos toys get…

State of the Union

"You are a just a big frustration in my life," Victor shouted as he stormed out of the house. Joann stared after her husband in shock.  She quelled her anger quickly and started thinking. Victor and her had been quarreling a bit more than usual over the last few months.  The quarrels hadn't bothered her so much as Victor's utterances.  This wasn't the first time he had said something of this nature.  Maybe it is time she initiated the State of the Union discussion with him.
In truth, marriages don't break overnight. It starts with little cracks here and there that are often left unfixed. Over time, the cracks link and like glass, it eventually shatters into many tiny little pieces that can't be fixed. Often enough, when issues are addressed early, they don't lead to cracks.
Most of the time, couples express issues when in an argument, we tend to process things in our mind and brew over them only to fling it in our spouses face during fights or arguments. Unf…

True Confessions: I Cheated!

I cheated! 
It's hard for me to say  But denying the truth can't help me.
I cheated but it gets worse.
It wasn't my first time
or my second time.
I am ashamed I cheated.
How hard is it to stay faithful?

Well, if I am going to say the truth, I might as well say it all.
It's pretty hard.
Yes, I said it it's pretty hard to say committed.
Who am I fooling?  The truth is you don't satisfy me.
No, you don't!
You are so small and you don't fill me.
Harsh words maybe but definitely true.
You don't stir my juices.

You are so bland,
So unimaginative, very dull.
It's really hard not to cheat.
When am with you, I feel judged;
You make me feel so fat and uncomely.
You are too restrictive.
Life with you is so calculated;
Everything is counted and numbered.

Judge me if you want.
Until you walk in my shoes,
You can't get it.
So stuff your over righteous judgement into your mouth;
I don't need you to judge me.

When I stray, I feel free!

Oh so many sweet stolen moments!
Yes my conscience…

Déjà Vu

"Let's go o!" Simon screamed. He pressed the horn loudly thrice.
"Can't you ever be on time?" He growled angrily.
"I've been sitting in this car for over 10 minutes!" 

"We are coming o!" Deola shouted from inside the house. 
"Hurry up children, let's go, your dad is getting angry."

Another loud blast of horn and Deola pushed the kids out of the house. Clutching her makeup bag in her hand, she rushed into the car. 

"Ma binu jo" she pleaded. Simon didn't reply as he swerved the car into reverse and zoomed out of the gates with great speed. 

"Buckle up your belts" Deola told her boys. She knew Simon would drive like the devil.

Simon hated being late, he didn't understand how Deola hadn't gotten this fact since they've been married. He wasn't going to be late today. He knew Deola's emphasis on the boys buckling up their seat-belts was aimed more at him than the children.

His driving was al…