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Having the Gay Talk With my Daughter!

(This is a sequel to my previous post on The Gay Talk!, click on it to read)

It was time to have the gay-talk and I had to find a simple yet effective way to communicate this to my very intelligent  seven year old without giving too much details, yet giving enough to enable her understand it and what God feels about it. After contemplating different approaches, I decided to use the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. My children and I have gone through almost all the bible stories, so my plan was simple… or so I thought.

I planned to recount how God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, their sins and then tell her how some people in the US and all over the world are trying to practice this sin.Finally, I would emphasize how it's such a sin and cannot ever be ok. Simple and straightforward!

One quiet evening, in a conversational tone, I asked my daughter, "Do you remember Lot?"
"Lot?! What is Lot?" she replied.
"Not what, who? Lot is Abraham's nephew."
"Abraham o…

The Gay Talk

A few days after the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, I realized I needed to have a talk with my daughter about it. Of course, any parent with a child above the age of six should know this; especially since you don't live in a cave (I assume) and you probably have CNN. Remember also that your child has friends who don't live in caves either or friends who also have CNN; your child’s friends’ friends don’t live in caves… (I’m sure you get the gist). If you don’t home-school and home-church your child, then trust me, you need to have such talks. When some people took to social media to say the judgment doesn’t concern us and we should mind our business, I remembered an old Yoruba song “ko le ye won, yo ye won lola" (translation :they can’t understand, they will understand later!)

No one is or can ever be a 100% isolated from the world so it's just a matter of time before s/he hears about it. The truth is children talk; it takes just one child get the information …

The Price of a M.R.S Degree

A M.R.S. degree is a highly sought after and coveted degree. No matter how many other degrees previously held, whether it be M.Sc, MBA, MA or even PhD, Nigerian society does not give them a great value if the lady does not possess a M.R.S. As a result, over the years, ladies have paid highly to acquire this degree but what price is too much to pay?
A while ago while handling a project, I met a nice and upcoming young man. One day during the Ebola outbreak, I remarked that a lot of businesses, especially eateries, were hit hard by the outbreak. He replied that his money would not be missed as he never eats out. “Never?” I asked, “Well, that will change soon" I said with a smile since I knew he was engaged. “No, it won’t ma", he replied emphatically. “My fiancee knows I don’t like eateries; I prefer to stay indoors and we cook”., "So, you don’t like Restaurants and Hotels too?" I asked “How can you court a woman and never take her out? Haba, you need to wine and dine her…