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A Toast to my Mother's Favourite Daughter

I am not my mother's favourite daughter! This my reality and although it is painful, I have come to accept it and live with it. 

Bee is clearly my mum's favourite child despite her not being the first nor the last born. She is the light of my mum's world and they are together every waking moment. She loves my brother and I but indisputably, Bee is her first love.

She lights up with a smile whenever she sees Bee just like her dark little girl lights up too. Bee never leaves my mum, they go everywhere together, even sometimes to the bathroom. They are always talking, laughing and sharing their private joke. My brother and I would only look on longingly and craving for such moments with my mum.

Occasionally my mum would leave Bee and play with us but those times are very few, it's mostly when Bee is tired and needs to gain back energy. Bee can be very demanding and is always making sounds to catch my mum's attention.

I have nothing against Bee and have come to accept that…


It's not about Pharaoh, It's about Egypt.

Sometimes we find ourselves living in Egypt.
Conditions aren't the best but it could be worse we say!
Talk of the food! If nothing else, the onions and garlic has endeared us.
It's far from what God told us of our promised land
But we have adjusted to Egypt.

We console ourselves that we are better than others.
After all, there are many who would gladly take our place.
Egypt isn't so bad is it?
Then comes this Pharaoh
He refuses to recognize all our Joseph has done
Mean, slave driving and unrewarding Pharaoh!
What an evil ogre!

What do we do?
We begin to pray!
We bind, we loose, we cast, we fire!
Pharaoh must die!

We decree we are the next Pharaoh!!!!
Sometimes the Pharaoh does die,
Only to be replaced by a worse Pharaoh .
We start the cycle all over again ,this Pharaoh too must die!

But wait!
What if it's not about the Pharaoh?
What if it's about Egypt?
God told you of a promised land, didn't he?
Have you gotten too comfortable in Egypt?

Pharaoh was sent by God…