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I Know who I am!

I know who I am

I know who I am – words that uplift, encourage, establish and strengthen.
Word of great import
I love these words and I love that I know who I am.
The greatest problem of many believers is identity crisis.
They do not know who they are
So they cower and shake and cringe and tremble at shadows,
They scream and shriek and curse and cry at insects or flies
They fret and worry and fuss and bother over insignificancies
They live in fear and terror and torment and anguish
If only they know who they are

So I shout out today – I KNOW WHO I AM
I am a city set on a hill
I am the seed of Abraham and a partaker of divinity
I am a member of the household of God, his workmanship
I a King & a Priest, a god
I am his chosen, ordained and anointed one,
I am royalty, peculiar, called into his marvelous light,
I am full of the Holy Ghost and Zoƫ
I am bursting with the undefeatable, indestructible life of God
I know the greater one lives in me

So whom shall I fear? The lord is the tensile strength of my li…

He is What????????? Sleeping??????????

(I wrote this for a friend who was going through a great trial- be encouraged)

He is What??????????? Sleeping???????

 They stood at the shore, waiting for his word his guidance
"Let's cross to the other side" he said. They glanced at each other,
“Tis not a night to wander across the sea”  they thought.
They shook off their misgivings and squashed their doubts
He is the messiah isn’t he? He sure knows best.
So they get into the boat like many of us have done.
We followed him and got married, took the job, relocated and even daily as we live our lives.

As they went along, the clouds began to gather, the sky began to darken
Their instincts told them to turn around and run for the shore
Yet because he spoke no word, they paddled along.
The winds became fierce and boisterous,
"This isn’t going well" they thought as rain began to pour.
Their boats rocked from side to side, 
Isn’t sailing with Jesus supposed to be smooth?

They wondered what was happening.
Tossed by the waves, terror b…

The Puppet!

The Puppet

When I first met you I liked you,
I almost admired you,
You seemed so nice, so intelligent.
We became friends
but soon enough you became a marvel to me
You blew hot then you blew cold
One minute you were nice, the next you were nasty.
I chalked it down to your cycle
but it was more than hormones.
I wondered if you had bipolar disorder
but even that couldn't account for it.
I began to suspect schizophrenia
for you definitely had multiple personalities.
Then I looked at your back and saw the strings.
What? A puppet?
Who then is your puppet master?
Definitely a man of great wisdom and expertise.
Alas, it is a child.
A child?
No wonder you were consistently inconsistent
You are at the whims and caprices of a child
Unfortunate, yes it is, but then its your life.
No! its not your life
You don't have a life
You are just a puppet.

Knowing Better!

(I wrote this a while ago and I still love it.)

Knowing Better

Have you ever wanted to do something but couldn't because you know better?
Then you wish you didn't know better,
Because once you know better, you can't do that which you know better than to do,

It becomes worse when he/she ( the other party) knows that you know better.
If he didn't know that you know better, then you could have at least pretended that you don't know better and do that that which you know better than to do.

The worst is when he/she knows that you know that he knows that you know better,
If he didn't know that you know that he knows that you know better,
then you could have assumed that he doesn't know that you know better,
But now that he knows that you know that he knows that you know better, you just have to give it up.

Bottom line, once you know better you can never really do that which you know better than to do

Money & Cliches!

A few years ago, while I was waiting in an office reception, I watched a nice film about a couple who decided to take a year away from their jobs to see the world (No, of course it’s not a Nigerian film!)
They flew from continent to continent and cruised from shore to shore having a lifetime experience.
I was almost about to sigh out loud in envy when the lady beside me said "My sister money is not everything".
I smiled at her and shrugged in a non-committal manner while saying to myself.
“Yeah, money is not everything but men! it sure goes a long way!!!!!.

I mean who would rather be poor when they can be rich? Wouldn’t you rather ride in a Bentley than on a bicycle? Wouldn’t you rather live in a mansion than a face-me-I face you?
Being very rich am sure must be nice and convenient.
Riding in a Chauffeur driven car, shopping at the best places, having the best things, flying all over the world .........
It’s not everything but it’s close, quite close.

Probably misjudging the smi…